Guidance for your life & Inspiration for your Soul.
Social Psychologist, Angel Therapist, 
Empowerment Soul Coach, Author, Educator. 
Appointments available in a comfortable office setting
 or over the phone. 


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  • Readings/Consultations

    Intuitive reading or Life coaching session. 
    • 25 min. OFFICE session $110
      May be shared with a total of 2 people sitting in same session. 
    • 50 min. OFFICE session $200
      May be shared with a total of 2 people, sitting in same session. Additional person's after the first two incur a fee of $70. per person. 
    • Phone session - 25 min. $110
      Schedule in correct time zone as indicated by your telephone area code. 
    • Phone session -50 min. $200
      Schedule in correct time zone, which is reflected by your phone area code. 
    • 50 min. Video session -using Zoom/computer $200
      Video session using Zoom conference technology. 
    • Pre-paid coaching session

      Private session with coaching client 
    • Hypnotherapy

      • 50 min. office -Hypnotherapy introduction $125
        A short introduction to hypnotherapy, includes a shorter trance session and experience to support client comfort toward longer sessions. 
      • 90 min. Office Hypnotherapy $250
        Hypnotherapy is the applied use of hypnosis. Hypnosis is used to help people discover the subconscious reasons for symptoms, behaviors, or habits. Powerful tools and techniques are used to help release symptoms and relearn a new positive way of thinking, subconsciously to sustain a life fulfilled. 
        Session times are 90 minutes in length. One one person per session. All results are individual and case specific. 
        Maria does not diagnose, or treat illness, medical conditions, mental illness, or disease or act as a physician. She is first an educator and holistic practitioner, who facilitates clients in the support of their own health and wellness through a variety of holistic and non-invasive protocol/practice. 
        You intelligently and knowingly consent to the use of services with/by Maria G. Peth PhD and agree that you, as client are completely responsible for your wellness and health care.  All sessions are confidential. 

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